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Emo thought #1

When parents think that letting their disrespect/hate for gay people be heard by their children is good parenting because they think they will save them from whatever only does astronomical mental damage that leaves emotional wounds that never fully heal some times leading the child to self harm. Patents need to learn how to deal with gay children. Because being gay alone is confusing and having parents like that brings your self worth way down.

"Juke" a fanfiction chapter 2 (continued)

then suddenly a crowd of people appear around the two boys. some faces familiar like Ingrid, Cat, and Brittany and some complete strangers. they begin to murmur horrible things of Joey and Luke and how they are together. 

Joey, who has been watching begins to breath heavily and his heart starts to pump so hard it feels like it is going to pop out of his chest at any minute. A wave comes in and pulls joey and Luke out to sea as more waves crash down on them and pulls them apart.

Joey wakes up drenched in sweat and tears stream down his face as he cries in a muffled way.

next chapter ”Nowhere to go But Down” 

"Juke" a fanfiction chapter 2

Dreams Turn to Nightmares

That night after Luke, Cat and Whitney left I lied in bed starring blankly at my blue walls remembering all the times that made me afraid to come out, the bulling was so hard for me and it was only because I only had friends that were girls.

as Joey goes through his memories of the past he drifts off to sleep

the dream is warm the sun is just starting to set and a spray of mist hits joeys face as the waves come in and out over the beach sand. The dream is the type that when your in it you are watching people but not allowed to interact with them.

In the distance 2 people hold hands walking barefoot. but as they get closer it becomes apparent that the 2 people are Luke and Joey.

(dream Luke and Joey)


kiss.  (continued to next post)


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